Snowshoe Walking on the Seefeld Plateau

Snowshoe walking is booming in popularity. The method of winter transportation used by trappers and hunters has now become a winter sport with its own high-tech equipment.

Most visitors would not want to spend a whole holiday going out snowshoe walking. But, as a holiday activity, snowshoe walking for a half a day or so is something that will stay long in the memory.

The clothing needed is exactly the same as for walking in the winter - boots should be warm and, preferably, with a waterproof lining.

Snowshoe walking in Seefeld

Snowshoes and walking poles can be hired from local sports shops - for example, Ski Rent in Seefeld has a good selection of snowshoes suitable for beginners.

Daytime walks will normally take half a day - more than that is often too strenuous for someone just on a visit - with an introduction to the winter mountain scenery, fauna and flora.