Small Ski Areas on the Seefeld Plateau

There are a couple of single lifts outside the main ski areas on the Seefeld plateau that may be good for a few hours of fun or for beginners:

Brandlift in Scharnitz

The former draglift in Scharnitz (near the German border) is just behind the campsite at the base of the Muhlberg (the hill that used to house a chairlift and which is now popular with snowshoe enthusiasts and ski tourers).

It has been closed for skiers for some seasons now because most of the slope is now taken up by a popular acrobatic jumps area for freestyle skiers and boarders (Banger Park).

Brandlift, Scharnitz

Hinterfeldlift in Mösern

The lift at Mösern is on a hill in the centre of the village just off the main road down to Telfs. It is an excellent area to practice and has spectacular views down onto the Inn valley. It is also in a very sunny position which means that it can be susceptible to losing its snow in extended periods of warm weather.

Ski lift at Mösern

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