The Hochmoos Ski Area in Leutasch

Update: the Hochmoos Ski Area will not be open in the 2016/2017 season.

The Hochmoos ski area - now rebranded from the Kreithlift - provides the downhill skiing thrills in the prime cross-country centre that is Leutasch.

The chairlift operates in the daytime and, on certain days of the week, offers "night skiing" in the evening as well. The Kreith slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers - as well as the three-seater chairlift there is a smaller draglift and a beginners' lift used by the Leutasch Ski School.

Hochmoos Ski Area, Leutasch

The skiing is by no means extensive or demanding but does provide a local option for those staying in the area that do not wish to make the trip to Seefeld or Mittenwald.

There is a mountain hut at the top of the lift and a winter walking area and popular toboggan run leading from the top station.


There are a couple of lifts on the main road from Seefeld to Leutasch which are suitable for beginners. They are accessible by bus and there is a small car park near the base of the lifts. They suffer from not being as extensive as the various beginner options in Seefeld and not being included on the Seefeld lift pass but do offer the advantage of being quieter for those who do not appreciate crowded slopes.

Draglifts at Neuleutasch

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