Seefeld - Ski Variety in Winter

Winter in Austria is not just about the downhill experience at purpose-built ski resorts - and Seefeld is a perfect example of the wide variety of experiences that you can find on a holiday here.

Seefeld - a perfect resort for certain types of skiers

Seefeld's skiing certainly plays a big part in the attractions on the Seefeld plateau in the winter.

Whether it's world championship ski races or winter tourism - Seefeld has played a historic role in the development of downhill skiing. Resident Toni Seelos helped to popularise the parallel turn in the 1930s - these days the locals are still trying to improve on what he started.

It's definitely not the kind of place that expert skiers would choose - but it is a great location for groups of mixed abilities or interests.

With one of the largest and best-regarded ski schools in Austria, Seefeld is a perfect spot to learn new skills or brush up on old techniques. And for families, it's a perfect place for all generations to get out onto the ski slopes. The other villages also offers small and friendly ski areas while there is enough of interest outside skiing to make a perfect winter break for those who have no interest in downhill skiing.

Seefeld: Rosshütte Snow Conditions

Seefeld in Tirol Winter

Leutasch - cross-country skiing paradise

Leutasch is the centre for the cross-country skiing on the plateau. Kilometres of prepared trails stretching off along the valley floor or climbing into the woods.

Seefeld has its own cross-country ski schools and the villages of Reith, Mösern and Scharnitz are all linked in to the extensive cross-country ski trail network on the Seefeld plateau.

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Austria - a winter experience

A winter holiday in Austria sums up a vision of villages covered in a white blanket of snow surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. Many visitors to the Seefeld plateau come just to experience Austria in the winter.

Skiing of any kind may be the last thing on their mind, but what many people looking for a winter holiday don't realise is that there is a vast network of cleared walking trails in the winter. Find out more about the winter walking...

That isn't the only style of walking either. A hobby that has made its way across the Atlantic and is becoming more popular each year is snowshoe walking. Here you head out into the woods accompanied by a local guide and wearing a modern version of the snowshoes once used by hunters and trappers. More about snowshoe walking...

The train and bus access to the plateau means that it is simple enough to head off and see the sights of Munich or Innsbruck.

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