Expert Cross-Country Trails on the Seefeld Plateau

Black Trails

C1 - Weltcup
This is it for experts - the World Cup trail leading along the valley from Seefeld towards Mösern and then up into the woods below the Wildmoos.
Length: 8.5km
Style: Classic or skating

C2 - Wildmoos
This trail connects onto the Weltcup trail and leads through the woods to the Wildmoos area.
Length: 7.5km
Style: Classic or skating

C3 - Neuleutasch
Another expert trail in the Wildmoos area - this one heads out from the hut to the main road between Seefeld and Leutasch in the Neuleutasch area.
Length: 5km
Style: Classic or skating

C4 - Katzenkopf
A relatively short trail from the Wildmoos over to the Katzenkopf - the top of the chairlift above Weidach.
Length: 2.5km
Style: Only classic

C5 - Kaserwald
A short trail connecting onto the following C6 route and providing an alternate route into the Lottensee area.
Length: 1.5km
Style: Only classic

C6 - Wildmoos Variante
A harder version of the red trails through from the Wildmoos to the Lottensee area.
Length: 1.5km
Style: Only classic

C7 - Lottensee
Another classic Seefeld plateau route - lots of up and down on this trail which links from the Seefeld Weltcup trail through to the end of Leutasch network.
Length: 4.5km
Style: Only classic

C8 - Interalpen
A loop around the Interalpen hotel and connecting into the trails to the hamlets of Moos and Buchen as well as the Lottensee area.
Length: 5.2km
Style: Only classic

C9 - Bichlwald
The only expert route which isn't part of the giant Wildmoos-Mösern-Seefeld network - but it is definitely worth the trip. Starting in Obern it skirts the north side of the Hohe Munde through to the Salzbach car park in the Gaistal. (From here those interested can take a walk up to the lovely Hämmermoosalm - open in the winter.)
Length: 6.7km
Style: Classic or skating

C10 - Mundeknie
The last of the classic Wildmoos expert trails - this one connects the hamlet of Moos to the Interalpen C8 route with close-up views of the Hohe Munde.
Length: 3.2km
Style: Classic or skating

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